Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tour with Catherine in October

Back at the beginning of October, I flew to Portland to go on a Twilight Location Tour with Catherine Hardwicke. While Twilight was obviously the topic of discussion for most of the day, Red Riding Hood did come up a few times. Here are some of the things Catherine mentioned:

About Shiloh Fernandez...

We all know by now that he was the runner up for Edward, but of course, as Catherine said, he didn't stand a chance once Kristen and Robert did their chemistry read. He was however perfect for Amanda.

Catherine called him "very soulful and heartfelt" and that he "knows how to walk and kiss and everything."

Kinda spoiler below, so BEWARE!!

Catherine had wrapped shooting 10 days before the tour and the last scene they shot was the...sex scene with the red cape in the snow.

Catherine jokingly said we would be reenacting it later and our bus driver, the wonderful Jeff, offered himself up for the part. Catherine made the comment that he was not like Shiloh, but more the silver fox type.

Director's Notebook for Red Riding Hood...
If there are any Twilight fans out there, you are probably familiar with Catherine's Director's Notebook, which is a more personal and interesting look behind the scenes than most "companion" books out there.

On the tour, Catherine mentioned that she will be working on a Notebook for Red Riding Hood. If you haven't seen the Twilight one, here is a peek at what you might be in for next year.

Catherine also mentioned someone would be working on a companion novel to Red Riding Hood. The way she talked about the novel, it seemed like more than just your standard novelization of the movie, but we shall see if it comes to fruition come March.

Oh, and apparently Julie Christie is a bad ass.

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