Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Adrian Holmes Talks Red Riding Hood

Adrian Holmes, who plays "Captain" in the movie, talks about his Red Riding Hood experience, including working with Catherine Hardwicke, the interior winter set, and Gary Oldman's toothpick. Below is an excerpt from the interview about Red Riding Hood

And then you worked with Gary Oldman in the upcoming ‘Red Riding Hood’. That story terrified me as a kid and I can only imagine what it’s like with a werewolf.
Adrian Holmes: Yeah, it’s pretty cool. At the beginning of this year I felt that something big was coming. I felt that 2010 was going to be a good year for me and I felt that this summer there was something coming. I didn’t know what it was, but it was just in the back of my mind. And then sure enough right after my play–I did a musical called ‘Wild Party’ in Maine–and right after that I got this audition for ‘Red Riding Hood’ and I heard that Leonardo DiCaprio was attached to it. I thought that he was in the movie, but he was producing the movie. I didn’t know that Gary Oldman was in the movie. I didn’t know much about it. I knew that Catherine Hardwicke was directing it–she directed ‘Twilight’. I went in and had three or four call backs for the part and what a rush that was. Everybody was just so excited to be there and I think that’s because of Catherine. She really set the tone. She’s got a great energy and is very, very passionate about this movie and we had a lot of fun. That’s what I really liked about working on this.
     The sets were crazy. They were so elaborate, the detail that they put into building the sets. The whole movie was shot–most of it was shot on a soundstage, but we made it look like outside during the wintertime with snow and everything. We had all this incredible fake snow that they brought in. You walk in, and it’s the summertime that we shot in, it’s warm outside and it’s like this winter wonderland. It’s supposed to be cold and I’m wearing this captain’s garb, this really crazy soldier outfit and it was very comfortable, but it was quite warm after running around for hours. So we’re supposed to be cold, but yet you’re sweating and there was no cold air coming out of your mouth. But we made it work and I think it’s going to look visually stuning. The DP Mandy [Walker] was the DP on ‘Australia’. She was fantastic. So I know it’s going to look great.
     Gary Oldman was amazing. He’s one of the greatest character actors of our time and I’m one of his biggest fans. I didn’t know who was going to show up. I didn’t know if Dracula was going to show up or what, what kind of guy, but when we had the read through and he came in and really blew us all away because a lot of times stars don’t show up for the read through. They just show up when they have to be there and he came and he really committed and was really excited and gave us his all. What I really learned from him is that even in our rehearsals he gave us a hundred percent. Some actors in rehearsal will kind of go through the motions, but won’t really give you everything. But Gary would be there in jeans and a T-shirt and just giving a hundred percent to really let us know where we were at and what to expect from him. That made us all look at each other and go, ‘Okay, this is where we’re at.’ He was great. There was one time that I was looking for a toothpick on set and I asked him if he had a toothpick because he had one earlier. He said, ‘No. I don’t have a toothpick.’ Later on, one of the ADs comes to me with this little napkin all folded up and I said, ‘What’s this?’ He goes, ‘Compliments of Gary Oldman,’ and I open up the napkin and it’s just this toothpick. This single toothpick was folded up. I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ I looked over at him and he gave me this little wink. He’s just so funny. He had a great sense of humor and a big Beatles fan. Him and Lukas Haas, Lukas plays the guitar and so they’d be jamming all the time on set. Lukas would be playing Beatles tunes and the two of them would be harmonizing and singing Beatles songs. So we’d all have a little pow-wow in the corner in between takes, listening to the Beatles. It was just really fun and I miss that experience. I made a lot of great friendships in the process. Gary and I are still in touch which is great and it’s really helped sharpen my sword as an actor, having those experiences.

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