Friday, January 7, 2011

Amanda Seyfried: One of the 20 Biggest Movie Stars in 2011

NextMovie named Shiloh Fernandez (Peter) one of their 25 Breakout Stars of 2011. Now they have named Red Riding Hood's leading lady as one of their 20 Biggest Movie Stars in 2011.

Amanda Seyfried
Starring In: “Red Riding Hood” (March 11), “Now” (Sept. 30)
Her Big Year: Seyfried has enjoyed a quiet and steady climb over the past two years, thanks in part to HBO’s “Big Love” (which wraps up this year) but she doesn’t have a big 2011 slate. Following last year’s movies about “Letters,” she continues to woo the ladies with “Red Riding Hood,” a supernatural romantic play on the old fairytale, as directed by “Twilight” helmer Catherine Hardwicke.

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  1. ok today is the 11th my bad. but it said when the movie was released which is today.