Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fangirltastic's Set Visit with Catherine Hardwicke

Last summer, Karen Lam was lucky enough to visit the set of Red Riding Hood in Vancouver, Canada. Lam had to opportunity to sit down with Director Catherine Hardwicke, who discussed her involvment in the script, what she looks for in characters, and if it really is more difficult to be a female director in a male dominated industry.

"Catherine is clearly excited about her new film. Red Riding Hood will be a modern version of the “Little Red Riding Hood” fairytale, although set in medieval times. The original story is a scant few pages, so the feature film version has enough creative space for Catherine to work her magic. As she puts it: 'Fairy tales are kind of non-specific, so that any kid can let it be their growing-up journey. But in our case, we created a rich world, a whole history for her. There are a lot of secrets and lies in the town that she’ll have to discover.'"

"Intended as a PG-13, this definitely isn’t a blood-soaked horror version of the fairytale. Catherine categorizes it as a “romantic thriller,” although it isn’t intended for young children."

"Catherine had known Amanda Seyfried personally, but it was Amanda’s reading at an autism charity that affected her casting decision. 'It actually impressed me more than the other movies because simply, she just got up there and read a passage in such a moving way that she struck me: ‘That girl really has a lot of heart and soul.’'"

Check out the entire interview here.

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