Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Red Riding Hood Leading the Pack?

There are numerous fairy tale projects in development, including a re-imagining of Hansel and Gretel with Oscar nominee Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton. Red Riding Hood seems to be the first hitting theaters, but will this trend last? Even though most of these features are not even in production, multiple studios are prepping similar projects. It's no secret that vampires and other mythical creatures are experiencing a peak in popularity (almost to the point of over saturation), but is the fairy tale trend becoming stale before it has even begun? EW begs the question is this a Twilight effect

Along the same lines are all the Young Adult adaptations going into production. Harry Potter and Twilight showed they have staying power as franchises, but other YA series and vampire/werewolf flicks have not achieved a similar level of success (Think Percy Jackson and Daybreakers). YA series, such as The Mortal Instruments, Vampire Academy, and The Hunger Games are gearing up for their big screen debuts, but these series, unlike Percy Jackson and City of Ember, have an advantage of reaching an older demographic beyond teen readers.

So with all these new movies on the horizon, is the very news of them too much already? If Red Riding Hood succeeds (or fails) what will it mean for all these upcoming fairy tales?

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