Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sarah Blakley-Cartwright On Her Red Riding Hood Novel

Sarah Blakley-Cartwright, author of the Red Riding Hood companion novel, recently discussed her on set experience and take on David Leslie Johnson's script.

"On the set, Blakley-Cartwright saw Red Riding Hood’s drama unfold as she watched the actors perform, and had a chance to interview them about the characters they were portraying. “It was a stunning set, and seeing the actors at work really informed my characters,” she says. “Being there was an amazing gift. To have all of that right there in front of me provided a road map for my writing. Obviously this project is a team effort, and seeing all that creativity first-hand—how could anything be better for a writer?”"

Blakley-Cartwright also discussed how her novel diverges from what will appear on screen.
"Rather than strictly adapting Johnson’s screenplay, Blakley-Cartwright sought to flesh out the characters in her novel. “I hope I was able to add to the story,” she reflects. “The first quarter or so of my novel is not in the movie, in fact."
And what about that pesky ending? While the book's site launched just last week, the final chapter will not be available until after the film's release. 

The Kindle edition, released on January 25th, will be an Enhanced E-Book Edition with extra content:

  • Video of Catherine Hardwicke, Sarah Blakley-Cartwright, and David Leslie Johnson discussing their creative partnership
  • Video of Sarah Blakley-Cartwright explaining her writing process
  • Animated short video showcasing the Scribe's Book
  • Audio of Catherine Hardwicke reading her introduction
  • Audio discussion about the set design and architecture
  • Audio discussion of paintings featured in the film
  • Audio discussion of the film's historical research and props
  • Storyboards from some of the film's action sequences
  • Images of the visual effects from the film
  • Blueprints, photos, and sketches of the set
  • Sketches of the costume design with designer comments
Anyone willing to share their Kindle?

Check out the entire article from Publisher's Weekly here.


  1. Really nice!Do you know something about "Red Rding Hood: from script to screen"? When is it going to be released?

  2. The release date on is April 12, about a month after the movie's US release date. Also according to amazon, the book will include:
    - Introduction, notes, and sketches by director Catherine Hardwicke
    - Screenplay written by David Leslie Johnson
    - 96 pages of color concept art, storyboards, and costume evolution and illustrations
    - Behind-the-scenes photographs

    You can check out the listing here:

  3. I see, thank you very much! It looks quite interesting...