Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Shiloh Fernandez in Nylon Guys

Check out Shiloh Fernendez on the cover of Nylon.

Director Catherine Hardwicke is featured in the article, saying of Shiloh:
"I've had to direct actors to be sexy and smooth and I did not have to direct Shiloh. He has it all naturally. He just knows how to move and bring the sexy on. It comes from inside his great, beautiful heart. He's a poet, you know."
And apparently Amanda Seyfried was not initially keen on him as a costar:
"But Amanda had met Shiloh before and did not like him. So when I told Amanda I was going to bring him in to audition with her, she made a face. But she tried in, and they hit it off."
 You can find scans of the entire article here.


  1. i just saw red riding hood and i have something to say about all of the characters 1st i do not care for henry 2nd i love peter me and my friend kaylee looked u up and found a awsome photo of u and your shirt was offffffffff i thought u looked amasing its my screen saver but i dont want henry to fell bad my mom liked your character ps my mom is 48 lol but in all u guys did fantatic!!!

  2. i loved the moovie! but my most favorite character was peter!!!!! i think you are the sexyest man alive!!!!!! i love you peter!

  3. henry was awesome!