Thursday, February 17, 2011


I have to admit, I think this guy is pretty great. I love how he just cannot wrap his head around the fact that the story of Little Red Riding Hood involves a wolf, who eats the grandmother, then wears her clothes. A transvestite wolf you say? Seriously, I've watched this a few times today.


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  2. While I appreciate people commenting on the blog, I do not appreciate the use of foul language in comments.

    If you are the anonymous person who left a comment on this post, I have deleted your original post and replaced it below without the flair you added at the end.

    Again, I appreciate the feedback, but let's keep it clean. This video was posted because I found it to be funny, nothing more than that.

    Comment from Anonymous:
    pure ignorance.... HADE IT!!! I am SO TIRED of stupid superficial people that stills thinking about fairytales like if they were only children stories and nothing more.... there s a meaning about all of those tales, even if in some ways they are not entirely logic, but it is all an abstraction of reality... and I think that Catherine Hardwicke really get that idea... all the symbolism and scenes of the original story are quoted in the movie, and there are even many references to ''The company of wolves'' by Neil Jordan, or the ancient legend before Perrault s tale... Plus, this guy hasn t even watched the MOVIE!!! He has just watched the [*] TRAILER!!!!! That kind of things really piss me off...