Sunday, March 20, 2011

Amanda Seyfried a Fantasy in Reality

Red Riding Hood is director Catherine Hardwicke's dramatic vision of the classic fairy tale, and also stars Gary Oldman and Julie Christie. But, thanks to her iconic red cape and flowing locks, Seyfried's character Valerie steals the show as the feisty village girl who breaks boys' hearts.

Some of the love scenes are much racier than you may remember, and that's thanks in part to the mysterious, brooding Peter, played by Shiloh Fernandez, and eager-to-please Henry, played by Jeremy Irons's son, Max Irons. Seyfried admits that she was excited to delve into Hardwicke's romantic, snow-capped world for a few weeks.

"I've never done a period movie before so it was really exciting. We shot in Vancouver where they had this giant incredible set made. Everyone was in costume and it was great fun," she says, adding rather surprisingly, "I actually didn't listen or read fairytales when I was young because they were too scary. My parents gave me the tapes to listen to as I was going to sleep, but they would give me nightmares, so I stopped!"

However, one fairytale did come true through making Red Riding Hood - she got to meet her childhood idol, Leonardo di Caprio. He produced the movie and Seyfried giggles when she admits she was a huge fan of his when growing up.

"The sad thing," she says wistfully, "is that I wish I could tell my 11-year-old self that `you're going to be working for him one day and you're going to know him'. I just can't imagine how I'd feel. To be honest, I can't connect to that innocent pre-teen girl any more. And that sucks.

"But Leo is great. He's incredibly attractive, he's a smart actor and anything he wants to develop I want to be part of because he makes great choices."

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