Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Amanda Seyfried Tries to Be a Mystery

"She's young, curious, and assertive," says Seyfried. "It's a beautiful mixyou know from the beginning she'll get what she wants."

"Catherine sold the whole idea over lunch," says Seyfried. "More than most directors, she's interested in the real passions of a young womanher leading ladies aren't just 'the girl.' Her heroines are fearless and smart, to say the least."

"The decisions I make have a lot to do with the type of character I'll be playing," explains Seyfried. "The director is just as important. I need to see their vision and connection to the story and the characters in themif these two things seem to feel right to me, I'm in."

Hardwicke's vision for Red Riding Hood was clear. "Every drawing, sketch and visual was realized in our movie," says Seyfried. Which doesn't mean there weren't surprises. "It's so much darker than I imagined. She's a magician, I think."

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