Friday, March 4, 2011

Billy Burke Talks Breaking Dawn, Red Riding Hood, and Working With K-Stew

Talk about your role in Red Riding Hood.
It’s a slightly, pun the metaphor, but off the path of the fairytale and I play Red Riding Hoods drunken, misguided father. It was one of the most beautiful sets I’ve ever been on. I kind of look like the drunken jolly green giant. [laughs]

Were you excited to work with Catherine Hardwicke again?
Absolutely. I love her to death, and I always have a special place in my heart for her. When she called me and pitched me the movie and the idea, I was all in. She created the Twilight world and she did an amazing job with that, and I figured if anyone could make a picture like this, it would be her.

 People are comparing this movie to Twilight. Why do you think that is?
Here’s what my guess is. There is a love triangle. There’s a young girl and two gentlemen vying for her attention. That’s probably the biggest comparison. Other than that, there’s a wolf in it. [laughs] There’s sweeping shots across the mountains in the trailer and there were some in Twilight, so I think that’s what people are looking at.

How was it working with Amanda Seyfried?
Love her to death. She’s a lovely person, we got along great. We remain friends. She, myself and my wife are all still in contact and she’s a good chick. Extremely talented.

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