Monday, March 14, 2011

Catherine Hardwicke Talks Red Riding Hood

M&C: The fight scenes between the wolf and the soldiers are interesting. You’ve done fight scenes in a supernatural world before but here its people taking on a supernatural being. What was it like?

Hardwicke: That was fun; at least we had an invisible wolf.  We tried to train a wolf to do that but he wouldn’t co-operate. They don’t care about films, wolves.  It was wild wondering how I could figure out how the wolf pack would be. I literally ordered a costume for $69 off the internet and I had a kid wear it and tried to run around and be a wolf a stunt guy tried to be the wolf and sometimes I played the wolf off the actors, they were laughing, they  were in too good a mood  but it was supposed to be scary.
So I got in there and yelled at them super intense and ferocious and I did scare them I think. Andy Chun our stunt director on Twilight and on this, he does everything Hong Kong Style!  We have no budget and I want it to be big $42M movie, that’s the budget of a romantic comedy and look what we had in it.
CGI characters, set extensions, horses, everything every costume and the village is made… and he was like “We do it Hong King Style!!!”  So I thought we’d just push it to the limit.  On the DVD you’ll see the really crazy crew rehearsals and everyone in the crew was playing the parts.  How do you choreograph this, we shot it all digitally, put it all together and though how can we make it better? Do we even need that beat, that was boring, that was repetitive?  Rhythm and Hues made the wolf. 
We all wanted to make it kick ass and mean and unpredictable so we looked at crazy animal footage, animals cornered in bad situations, and rodeos, animals that are trapped.  How do you make it this ferocious this beast that has been unleashed?

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