Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Catherine Hardwicke's Interview with io9

io9: There's also a lot of humor in this movie. How does that fit into the story?

I actually wanted to have more humor - I had a lot more wacky things in there that didn't make it into the final version. The thing is, you have to have humor, but you don't want to throw the audience out of a scene where they're terrified for [Valerie]. But I loved Gary Oldman, and the fanboy nature of Lukas Haas [who invites Solomon to the village]. Lukas is totally geeked out on Gary, knows all about him, and knew all the details of the sword that Gary had. And yes Gary is campy - he's come to the town to put on a show and he's like Barnum, a circus guy. He's a showman.

Check out the entire interview here

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