Monday, March 7, 2011

Interview with the Director, Writer, and Stars of Red Riding Hood

Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried, Max Irons, Shiloh Fernandez, Director Catherine Hardwicke, and Writer David Leslie Johnson Red Riding Hood Press Conference

Gary, when you play these men possessed, do you ever have to rein yourself in - or can you go over the top and be an actor possessed?
Gary Oldman: "Well, I hope I’m not an actor possessed. And if I were, then I have Catherine here to rein me in. I mean, it depends what you’re playing. This is a fairy tale, albeit a dark twist on an already dark tale, but it is a fantasy so you can push the limits a bit in something like this. I mean, I think Solomon is...I viewed him as very sort of Shakespearean."

Amanda, did the love triangle or the darker version of the tale attract you?
Amanda Seyfried: "Actually, the thing that attracted me to this movie was, I actually didn’t read the script before I met Catherine. She had crazy visuals to show me, so I thought how difficult it is to make this old timeless tale into a full length movie, and she had these great ideas. Then I met with Leonardo DiCaprio and that was it."

How did Leonardo DiCaprio get involved as a producer?
Gary Oldman: "It was his idea. I believe so. It was Leonardo’s idea. I think he was looking for something for his company and was sitting down with Lukas Haas and said, 'Hey, what about Red Riding Hood? We haven’t done that.' One of the few we haven’t done."

Then David starts writing?
David Leslie Johnson: "Yeah, they come to me then after they have the idea and sort of pitched me, 'We want to do Red Riding Hood?' I’d worked with them before on Orphan so we were looking for something to work again together on. That’s how I came on."

Read the entire interview here.

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