Thursday, March 3, 2011

Max Irons' Twitterview

 What was your favorite part about being able to work with Catherine Hardwicke as your director?
She's got a child-like imagination and an infectious energy, which is what you need when you're doing a movie about a wolf.
 Did you ever read Little Red Riding Hood when you were little?
I never read it. I would have been told it, but the thing about fairy tales is that you never remember the first time you heard it.

What are the differences & similarities between the Little Red Riding Hood & film Red Riding Hood?
Forget what you know about Little Red Riding Hood and leave it at the door.
Ours is much edgier and darker and far more exciting.
 What was it like working with the legendary Gary Oldman?
It was amazing watching a seasoned professional like him. You learn so much. 
How did you guys make the characters you played in Red Riding Hood your own? Were they easy to connect with?
Aside from the wolf, which requires the imagination, a love triangle in one form or another is something I'm sure we've all experienced.

What do you look for in a girl? Does she need to wear a red hood? LOL
Yes, she has to wear a red hood. It's incredibly important.

Given the choice, would you rather be a werewolf or a vampire? Why?
I'd rather be a robot. Way cooler.

What was the most embarrassing moment while filming Red Riding Hood?
Amanda Seyfried, at any opportunity, tries to embarrass you. So many. Mainly about me being English. 
If you could have played any character in film history or worked with any actor/director, who would it be?
I would have liked to work with Stanley Kubrick. I'll get back to you re: character. 
U have chosen this career despite your parents' "optimistic remarks". Have u ever xperiencd what they warned you about?
Good question. Yes. You know, acting is an unstable business. You have to have thick skin and remember why you're doing what you do. 
What was your favorite set/scene of the movie? Or your favorite prop you were able to use? Why?
Riding through a forest on a massive white stallion. Not really a prop, but hey, good fun. 
When will you be on the London stage again? You are so brilliant.
As soon as possible. When I have acting dreams, it always involves stage. 
Do you have a Twitter of your own???
I don't. Wouldn't know what to do with it.
Any fun memories from set?
Listening to Gary Oldman endlessly, I mean ENDLESSLY, singing Beatles covers.
 If you could only take 1 item with you on an island, what would it be?
A special girl.
Finally, why should everyone go see Red Riding Hood on March 11th?
Because it's going to be a dark re-imagining of something that means so much to people. Plus we've got an amazing cast.

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