Monday, March 7, 2011

'Red' hot

In the new film “Red Riding Hood,” out Friday, Amanda Seyfried becomes an object of desire for a murderous wolf.

In real life, the wolves began surrounding the saucer-eyed ingenue back in the audition process.

“She had to make out with guys in the Beverly Hills casting office, the Marina del Ray soundstage and the London casting office,” says Catherine Hardwicke, the film’s director. “I think she liked it.”

Screenwriter David Leslie Johnson had the challenge of crafting a full-length film out of the fable. As he traced the tale’s origins back to the 1300s, though, he learned that it was rooted in depravity far more intense than the film he wished to write.

“These stories were told for adults, and they were bawdy,” he says. “The oldest version of this is called ‘The Grandmother’s Tale.’ It’s basically the same story, except that when the wolf kills the grandmother, he reaches down her throat and pulls her intestines out through her mouth. It was pretty dark.”

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