Saturday, March 12, 2011

Red Riding Hood: The Tale Begins

Available to download from the WB online shop:


The secrets that have long been buried in Daggorhorn are about to be revealed in this digital fairytale set twenty years before the events of the film Red Riding Hood. Peace has finally come to the village of Daggorhorn, but it has come at a price. In this tale, Valerie’s grandmother recounts the events that have resulted in the town leaving a sacrifice for a beast every harvest moon. Valerie’s young friend Peter hints that the relationship with the beast has not always been so peaceful. Valerie and her sister Lucie demand to hear the truth about her family’s past and in turn learn that true love is worth any cost. Believe the legend. Beware the wolf. 

Run Time: 15 minutes

Check it out here.

UPDATE: The short is also available on for the much more reasonable price of $1.99. You can also watch a preview here

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