Friday, March 4, 2011

Seyfried Thrown to the Wolf in ‘Red Riding Hood’

In her new movie, Amanda Seyfried is a girl in the hood. “It’s all about blood, guts, love and sacrifice,” says the doe-eyed star who is talking about a new twist on “Red Riding Hood,” opening Friday.

Hardwicke cast Seyfried after meeting her at an autism benefit. 

“She’s the kind of actress who just reaches out and grabs your heart. Those eyes. That face. She’s just amazing,” says the director. 

Enter Seyfried, who read the script and fell in love with the re-imagined classic. 

“It’s actually a gothic twist on the fairy tale, which I think will be surprising to most people. Think about it. The book is really a very short story about a wolf, a grandma and a little girl,” Seyfried says. “There had to be so much more.”

She actually allows the wolf to enter her world. “It’s scary and exhilarating,” Seyfried says. “It’s also empowering because she stands up to the wolf.”

Already there have been comparisons with “Twilight” and the idea of a girl facing the wolf. 

“Believe me when I say that these are two very different stories,” Seyfried says. 

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