Thursday, March 3, 2011

Shiloh Fernandez's Twitterview

What attracted you to the movie?
I hear Amanda didn't like me at first. Once we read together though, it was clear that there was a spark.
What was it like working with Catherine Hardwicke?
She is so passionate and so driven. There's no getting around being one hundred percent committed.
What are your best memories from the set of Red Riding Hood?
After takes of being extremely serious, having a laugh with the rest of the cast and crew.
favorite music, film, and artist?
New music: Avett Brothers. Favorite movie: What's Eating Gilbert Grape? Favorite artist: I loved going to the Dali museum.
Who do you look up to most as an actor?
Right now, Javier Bardem. And Ryan Gosling.
Have you become addicted to twitter yet? I think plenty of people will agree you should get one!
I have not yet become addicted as I don't have one. Will I get one? I won't say never...but it's not looking bright today.
You filmed in Vancouver! Did you like it there and did you meet any cool people?
I loved Vancouver. Fantastic city, fantastic people.
What kind of characters would you like to play next? Would you like to make a comedy or stick to the darker side?
I'd love to do all of it. But, obviously, I'm attracted to darker roles.
If you could play any superhero in any movie who would it be and why?
Robin because he gets to kick ass, but the weight of the world wouldn't be on his shoulders.
What are your favorite books?
African Safari Papers. Dharma Bums. The Little Prince.
Hardwicke has had some luck in the past launching young actors’ careers. Are you ready for the onslaught of fans & attention?
Hurry up with it already. Joking.
Favourite travel destination and why
I loved going to Indonesia. Surfing and motorbikes.
Are you afraid of the big bad wolf? ;)
Yes, absolutely.
Obviously, the villagers in the film are afraid of the wolf terrorizing their loved ones. What is a fear of yours?
That's a very good question. Failure.
Finally, why should everyone go see Red Riding Hood on March 11th?
Because it will exceed your expectations. It will thrill you. And satisfy you to the core.
Sorry, that' s all the time we have with Shiloh. Shiloh says: Who knows, maybe I'll be joining Twitter soon. Thank you so very much!

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