Saturday, March 5, 2011

Soundtrack Available for MP3 Download March 8th

Listen to samples and pre-order here.

A physical CD MAY BE available from next week. From a previous post:
Red Riding Hood director Catherine Hardwicke, has signed five copies of her book, Red Riding Hood: Script to Screen, that will be available during this private sale along with a CD produced exclusively for that features the film's music.


  1. The soundtrack is AMAZING, but there´s a little thing that worries me... I read the script for the movie... and it had a verry happy ending, even if a little bit sad for one of the characters... but, when we hear "the finale" it looks like somthing terrible is happening... I hope that it isn't for Valerie... because, I HATE when the main character dies at the end of the story... :S

  2. Alice_In_UnderworldMarch 6, 2011 at 12:18 AM

    They really messed this release up. I don't understand why they chose digital only. If you think about it, even LESS people will but it now. Bad move.

  3. :( ..... I am soo sad... I cannot buy the soundtrack, because I live in Mexico.... and no one uploads it on youtube... I really wanted to hear it... I hate!!!! :'(

  4. Mar 10 2011
    can't get amazon tracks of red riding hood to play on amazon at all? Is it out yet? They need to fixed their mp3 of it on amazon.Thanks Elizabeth Osborne