Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Barnard Alum Writes a Book About Newly Released ‘Red Riding Hood’

To film “Twilight,” Blakely-Cartwright was flown to Portland over Barnard's spring break. “I have a line that you have to listen very carefully for,” she said of her small part. “I say in an urgent voice: ‘I’ve got 911!’ when she’s [Bella’s] almost hit by the truck, saved only by Edward’s vampiric strength. Talk about chivalry.”

Blakely-Cartwright’s film experiences have led to lasting relationships. “I talk with Shiloh [Fernandez] every day and Amanda [Seyfried] every few weeks,” she said. Fernandez and Seyfried costarred in "Red Riding Hood."

They also facilitated the writing of her novel. “They all had well thought out insights into their characters, which was very helpful to me. Writing the novel’s characters ended up being a real collaborative project,” Blakely-Cartwright said.

The newly minted novelist credits Barnard for developing her writing skills. “Not only in terms of what I was taught, but also in the incredible support I was given,” Blakely-Cartwright said. “Barnard is a place that pledges its support for its students in so many, very tangible ways.” She recommends that other students who are aspiring writers seek out professors Mary Gordon, Anne Prescott, and Maxine Swan—just in time for class registration.

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  1. Thanks for the article. I liked Twilight very much. It's my boyfriend's favorite movie, also. It's funny how vampire movies got back in fashion, but none of them will ever outshine Interview with A Vampire.