Friday, April 15, 2011

Catherine Hardwicke Interview

How did you get involved with Red Riding Hood?
Leonardo DiCaprio's company had come up with the idea of going back before the Brothers Grimm to where there was a werewolf in the story, which added that extra layer of whodunit and the mystery and the darkness inside. So, they sent me the script and I thought this is quite intriguing and a challenge to see if I can keep that mystery the whole time, if I can build the paranoia; and then I liked the idea of just creating a world. I have an architectural background and have always wanted to make my own fairytale world.

Were you worried about comparisons between Twilight and Red Riding Hood?
I think other people love to talk about it. Twilight is a very polarizing thing. Some people love it, some people hate it, and some people love to hate it. I get all the positive negativity baggage people feel about that movie. So what can you do?

Where did you first see Amanda Seyfried?
I first saw Amanda, she did a benefit for autism, to cure autism, and she was up there and all the other actors were reading little poems and she just got up there and immediately leaped off the podium for me. I got drawn in by what she said. It was very simple but she just had so much heart and soul... eyes and everything. I just loved her.Then I started watching her in other movies, She came to my house and I loved her as a person and just thought she looks like a fairytale character, and looks like she is from another world. [She]'s a beautiful soul and she's brave and funny and she'll do anything. I also like to see, when I throw anything at an actor, whether they go with it or [just] freeze up.When you're filming something like this one - on a very tight budget and 42-day schedule - if it doesn't go your way, if the sun doesn't come out right or you have a lot of emergencies on the set, you have to be able to say to somebody, "We have to shoot over here now, we got flooded out" or something. We lost a couple of our locations... sometimes you have to have actors who can roll with the punches.

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