Sunday, April 10, 2011

‘Red Riding Hood’ Round Table Interview

Is there going to be a sequel? CH: I don’t think there will be a sequel… But yeah you never know.

What was it about Peter then?
SF: Well, everybody wants to be the hero, or sees themselves that way sometimes. What I loved about him is that he’s good the whole time, even though you may think he’s something strange or wrong with him. But really the whole time he’s trying to do the right guy. It’s better to want to be something, and strive to be that, than saying that’s who I am and I’ll just be myself, I guess.

Did you consider changing your name?
MI: In the world we live in today, with the Internet, if someone wanted to find out who your parents are, they could. Also I’m not ashamed of them. I’m very proud of them. When people say, oh you want to follow in their footsteps, I find it strange because what you kind of want to do is forge your own path, but at the same time acknowledging his.

What importance does a film like Mamma Mia have for you?
AS: The first thing I think about is that it really did bring joy to the world. It did. It’s a silly movie, but it was very successful in making people feel good about themselves, in their lives. They watch it over and over again, because they want that excitement, they want that high. A two-hour movie can transfer you to this whole other world… The enjoyment the audience gets from the movie is almost the same as what I had in my life at that time. I was really living with Meryl Streep, on a Greek island, in love. And I was getting to do I love most, which is singing.

Check out the entire interview here. Beware: one of Adrian Holmes' questions contains a major spoiler. 

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