Saturday, April 30, 2011

RRH Movie Fans Giveaway!

The giveaway has ended. Congratulations to the winners!

Red Riding Hood Movie Fans is on its way to 150,000 pageviews! As a thank you, I will be giving away some Red Riding Hood items.

To enter simply leave a comment below about your favorite part of the movie (actor, scene, music, costumes, etc).  Be sure to be signed in or include your name. If you are "anonymous" you can't win.

Each person is allowed one entry, but if there is a particular item you would like, there is a way to increase your chances of winning. Below are a few questions for each item. For each question you answer correctly, you will have an addition entry into that item's drawing.

For extra entries for Red Riding Hood: From Script to Screen, identify who said the following:
1. "Don’t make this something it’s not." 
2. "I know what you’re doing and I’m not going to let you turn this on me." 
3. "She had a crush on me."
4. "But during a blood moon, your very souls are in danger."
5. "You know all that soft hay in the granary?" 

For extra entries for the soundtrack, answer the following trivia :
1. What color eyes does the wolf have?
2. What other classic tale is recreated during the festival scene?
3. Who performs the song played during the credits?
4. What color is Roxanne’s cloak?
5. What is in the box Father Solomon shows to the villagers when he first arrives?

For extra entries for Red Riding Hood, the novel, answer the following questions about the stars of the movie:
1. What two skateboard films boast Catherine Hardwicke as the Production Designer and Director?
2. What film made Amanda Seyfried want to go into acting?
3. Shiloh Fernandez did not win the role of Edward Cullen, but he did get the chance to work with Twilight star Ashley Green in ________________.
4. In what film does Max Irons appear alongside his father, Jeremy Irons, as the “Curtain Call Boy”?
5. Gary Oldman and Billy Burke have both starred in films with Anthony Hopkins. What are the titles?

Rules for the giveaway:
1. Anyone can enter (no country limitations)
2. Each entrant may only win one of the three items.
3. No anonymous entries (must be signed in or include your name)
4. Answers to the additional questions should be sent to:   DO NOT post any answers in the comments section.

The final day to submit entries will be Tuesday, May 31st.

To anyone who already submitted an entry, I will make sure that you have the correct number of entries as dictated by the changes. 
If you have any questions, send them to


  1. My name is Kelsey and my favorite aspect of the film was probably the actors. I had never seen Max Irons before and I enjoyed his performance, even though I'd gone into it rooting for Shiloh/Peter. I also liked the ending and how it leaves the audience hopeful that Peter can master his nature.

  2. Yey! A giveaway! I love free stuff. It's my favorite shopping experience. As for the movie, My favorite aspect was the brilliant dialouges. Some people had problems with them, But I liked it.

  3. My favorite part of the movie is the scene where they revealed who the wolf is. I was really surprised to know it was him. Throughout the movie I had multiple guesses but it never crossed my mind that it would be him. I love it that you wouldn't really know who the wolf is until the very end.


  4. My favorite part is at the festival when she is dancing and flirting with Peter.But on a general way was the soundtrack,the scenery and the actors.
    Oh everything lol I'm in love with the movie.

  5. what can i say? gary oldman shines as usual in this film. everything about him, from the way he walks, talks and almost kills me with that purple cloak!!! :) i was lucky enough to be near the set for an afternoon and all the cast who we encountered were super sweet and awesome, especially, obviously, gary. i would love to win CH's directors notebook, as i loved her one for twilight. :)

  6. The scenery was absolutely breathtaking, for one. But my favorite part of the film was when I was consistently second-guessing whether the grandmother was the wolf or not. I had utterly no clue.