Monday, April 4, 2011

‘We put the sexual symbolism back into Red Riding Hood’

It might come as something of a surprise but Amanda Seyfried, the doyenne of sweetness and light who illuminated the screen with the likes of Mamma Mia!, Dear John and Letters To Juliet, is delighted when things get a little twisted.

“It’s true,” beams the 25-year-old actor, “I don’t want to be on a straight path. I like to do things that are a bit messed up. I prefer Chuck Palahniuk over Danielle Steele, for sure,” she continues, referencing the Fight Club author. “The more twisted the better. I like it when you have to wrap your head around things. I don’t like blood and guts but I do like the messed up.”

Seyfried’s first blockbusting voyage into the twisted and messed up arrives in cinemas this month in the form of Red Riding Hood, a full-scale retelling of the fairy tale, set in medieval Europe and expanded into a full-length feature story complete with love triangles, big set pieces and an arch turn from Gary Oldman as a Van Helsing-style wolf-slayer festooned with intriguing weaponry.

“I recall the story from my childhood, when I was three or four, and it’s scary, but I guess that’s my favourite part about it,” continues Seyfried, who takes on the role of the red-cloaked wolf-teaser. “Fairy tales are so dark, and something that you wouldn’t imagine would be good for children, but they are full of lessons, that are so huge. Clearly, somebody thought it was a good idea to scare children into doing the right thing.

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