Monday, April 18, 2011

What Didn't Make the Cut?

I was going through all my RRH folder (doing some computer Spring cleaning) and noticed a few images that did not appear in the movie. *No major spoilers below*

 Most of the cast's eyes got their closeup, but Virginia Maden's didn't make it in. 

 What?! No dancing Henry? I was a little sad we didn't get to see Henry shake what his mother gave him, but his little spat with Peter made up for it.

 Being the end of the 2nd trailer and containing such an iconic line, I was shocked this was not in the movie. However, the way the line "what big eyes you have" appears in the movie is wonderful (and quite creepy).

 This appears to be from before or after the trial. Any excuse for some Billy Burke action is ok with me. 

 More Peter lovin'? Perhaps their roll in the hay was as much as we could handle.

Valerie didn't stay in her blue cape very long, but what's captured her attention here?

We saw Valerie go into the church, but never coming out. 

Anything else missing from the final cut? Hopefully we'll get some deleted/alternate scenes on the DVD (especially Henry dancing).

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