Thursday, June 16, 2011

Secrets Behind the Red Cloak

One of the special features on the Blu-ray disc is a picture in picture commentary with Catherine, Max, Amanda, and Shiloh. Along with their commentary are interviews and behind the scenes footage. Below are some of the more interesting things revealed throughout the commentary.


-The actress who played Young Valerie played the younger counterpart of Amanda Seyfried in Jennifer's Body.

-This shot of Valerie is a favorite of everyone's.
-Shiloh Fernandez cut down trees as part of his woodcutter training. His axe trainer appears in the scene.

-Shiloh and Amanda fought the day this scene was shot. It was the only day Catherine Hardwicke was really mad at them because of their fighting.

-This set was inspired by Monet's paintings of haystacks.

-Amanda knitted throughout the shoot, but sadly, Max Irons did not recieve a knitted gift.

-The exterior of the mountain side was quickly errected on the soundstage. The mountain location they were meant to film at experience an avalenche the week before.

-The interiors of the cave were filmed in a copper mine.

-The real wolf was not happy to be part of the film.

-Max did 300 "press ups" immediately before this scene. Despite that and working out 6 months at the gym, he was still too skinny for a blacksmith.

-During his blacksmith training, Max learned to make coat hooks and fire pokers.

-Many of the extras devised their own character senarios (including marriages). One extra decided she was pregnant and decided to go into labor during the wolf attack. This scenario did not work for Catherine.

-Gary Oldman, despite initally saying differently, was terrified of horses.

-Everyone had a crush on Gary. According to Sholoh, "Gary Oldman is the shit."

-The fire Amanda passes during the celebration scene was 170 degrees. She claimed that she would not be doing that pass again.

-Amanda and Shiloh had another fight the day of their kissing scene. Shloh ate a veggie dog with onions, which Amanda dislikes. Amanda chose to eat pickles, which Shiolh was not too fond of.

-Billy would sometimes read the wolf's lines on the set. He wore a wire rig to show the dimension of the wolf's nose, so he would not get too close to Amanda.

-It is not Amada and Shiloh on the mountain, but a pair of stunt doubles.

-The crow (which was really a raven) was overweight and could not fly.

-They once forgot Cole Heppell (Claude) in the elephant. Oops.

-The plate of meat Father Solomon eats was Gary Oldman's idea. Everyone agrees that it's nasty.

-Julie Christie came up with the idea for the Grandmother to hit the apple out of the soldier's hand.

-Julie Christie kissed Shiloh every morning in the makeup chair (on the lips). Max only got a cheek kiss.

-Billy Burke did his own stunts.

-Amanda was sad Billy did not have his stache.

-Lukas Haas and Gary Oldman know every Beatles song and would sing on set.

-Poor Max hit his head several times. (Can be seen on the gag reel)

-Catherine would sometimes read the wolf's lines. She even went as far as threatening Amanda's dog Finn to get a reaction.

-The final hour of the day is known as the "Final Frenzy." Catherine wears a special baseball cap and chocolate is handed out to the cast/crew.

-Shiloh wanted to see Billy in drag.

-Max admits he enjoyed being in drag when he was in drama school. He felt sexually powerful as a woman.

-Shiloh had to learn to row the boat. They once left him out in the water as they began to pack up to leave the location.

-Rhythm and Hues, who created the wolves, watched footage of Shiloh while creating his wolf counterpart.

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