Monday, January 17, 2011

Catherine Hardwicke's Early Discussion Of Red Riding Hood

Back in May 2010, Catherine Hardwicke sat, or rather laid down with the Twilight Lexicon for an interview. In the second part, Catherine addresses the (then) upcoming Red Riding Hood.

Check out their brief Red Riding Hood discussion at 3:30. 

Hardwicke describes Red Riding Hood as "Gothic, twisted, sexy, romantic, and scary."

She also called star Amanda Seyfried "wild" and "the coolest chick."

In the interview, Hardwicke reveals what we all probably know by now, that Shiloh Fernandez was her second choice for Edward Cullen. While I think he could have pulled it off, I'm kinda glad he's not stuck in the madness of the series.

Nothing really new from the interview, but it is always interesting to hear Catherine Hardwicke talk about her work. Her passion and enthusiasm is unparalleled and infectious.  

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