Friday, January 21, 2011

New Images from USA Today

Says Hardwicke of Valerie’s love dilemma: “Her mother (Virginia Madsen) wants to get her married off to the wealthiest kid in town while she’s been in love with the bad boy.” Parent-approved Henry, a blacksmith, is played by Max Irons (left, son of actor Jeremy). Shiloh Fernandez is the smoldering Peter, a woodsman and Valerie’s childhood sweetheart who suddenly re-enters her life. “He was my runner-up to Rob Pattinson to play Edward in Twilight, ” Hardwicke explains. “Just as Kristen Stewart had a spark with Rob, and that is what Amanda had with Shiloh.”
British Oscar winner Julie Christie took the role of Valerie’s grandmother on one condition, director Hardwicke says. “She said, ‘She usually wears a nightcap when she’s in bed. I’m not going to be wearing that, am I?’ ” Not at all. In fact, instead of a doddering crone, “She’s a boho granny. She lives out in the woods, gets her own herbs and medicines, and is a wild child. She looks rad and supersharp and funny and outrageous.”

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