Thursday, January 20, 2011

USA Today: Live Action Fairy Tales for Adult Filmgoers

USA Today posted a fantastic article about the recent trend in Hollywood with re-imagined fairy tales, legends, and children's classics. Red Riding Hood director Catherine Hardwicke and star Amanda Seyfried are featured, discussing how the film leaves behind the "prudish" version of the tale and what make this different from Twilight.

"When these stories were first written, they were so much darker," says the actress, 25, whose first exposure to Snow White and Rapunzel was as a child listening to recordings on her Teddy Ruxpin tape deck. "Over time, they became more prudish in a way, taking the danger and sexuality out of the stories."

"Seyfried promises, 'We are throwing all the sex and danger back in.'"

"But the director notes there is a major difference with her gothic horror fantasy: It is also a suspense thriller, since the human identity of the murderous beast remains secret until the end."

 "As Hardwicke explains, 'Solving the mystery is a huge driving force of the movie.'"

For more with Hardwicke and Seyfried, along with why there are so many similar projects (at least two Snow White projects are in the works) going into production, check out the entire article here

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