Monday, February 21, 2011

Amanda Seyfried Talks Red Riding Hood with Justin Timberlake

Amanda Seyfried will grace the cover of the March issue of Interview magazine. Inside, Justin Timberlake, her costar from the upcoming film Now, and Seyfried touch on Red Riding Hood and whether or not its just Twilight with a hood.

Amanda Seyfried has a message for critics who say her upcoming "Little Red Riding Hood" feels an awful lot like "Twilight": It's totally different!
Since the trailer for director Catherine Hardwicke's "Red Riding Hood" debuted, the blogosphere has been buzzing with comparisons between the film and the first "Twilight," which was also directed by Hardwicke.
Critics have pointed to similar storylines of a love triangle, supernatural occurrences and gruesome murders.
"We have so many elements that make it completely different," Seyfried insisted, adding that "we've modernized the story."
Check out a little more here and the entire interview in the Spring Fashion issue of Interview. 

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