Sunday, February 20, 2011

Production Notes Added to the Official Site

Thirty-four pages of Production Notes have been added to the film's official site. Below are a few excerpts from the notes:

“It’s that age-old romantic dilemma: should she make the safe choice, who, in this case, also happens to be dashingly handsome, or the one who seems a bit dangerous but is sexy and exciting? I think any young woman would dream of having this choice, especially if it came in the form of Shiloh and Max,” Hardwicke laughs.
In “Red Riding Hood,” Grandmother, played by Julie Christie, is decidedly not the image of the character in the classic story. Hardwicke emphasizes, “One of the first things I said was there was no way our Grandmother would be a craggy, old crone. She’s very bohemian—wearing long dreadlocks, she lives outside of the main village, deep in the woods, and there is an air of mystery surrounding her.

Visual effects supervisor Jeffrey A. Okun worked with Hardwicke on the conception of their werewolf, which had to be as shrewd as it was vicious. He notes, “Catherine was very clear that the wolf needed to be powerful and malevolent, but also very intelligent. Her challenge to us was not so much to generate a believable creature, but a believable character.”
Amongst the villagers, audiences might notice some familiar costumed fairy-tale figures, including three porcine characters who had their own problems with a big, bad wolf.

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