Tuesday, March 8, 2011

'Red Riding Hood' Movie is Already a Hit as a Novel and E-Book

The movie is also a print novel that was being written even as the filming progressed. It is also a multimedia e-book that leverages the latest technology to enhance the story of a teenage girl torn between two male suitors, one of whom may be a werewolf.

The book debuted at No. 1 on the New York Times children's paperback bestseller list when it was released in late January, serving as a sort of multimedia prequel and pump-primer for the film, directed by Catherine Hardwicke. As an e-book, "Red Riding Hood" includes video interviews with Hardwicke and her many collaborators, an animated short film, audio discussion about the set design and props, costume sketches and Hardwicke's hand-drawn maps of the world where "Red Riding Hood" takes place, among other things.

"I was realizing as we were prepping for the movie that I felt sad for the back stories of these characters. I wanted to know more about those people," Hardwicke said of her decision to transform "Red Riding Hood" into a book.

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