Tuesday, May 31, 2011

‘Red Riding Hood’ Director Catherine Hardwicke on Who the Wolf Is, and the Movie’s Alternate Ending

When you read David Johnson’s script, were you taken by surprise as to the identity of the wolf, or did he tell you beforehand?
Hardwicke: Oh, no no. I read it cold and I had no idea, either. I thought it was great; I thought David did a great job of layering in all these possibilities. I like the idea that it could be anybody, that there could be darkness inside anyone.

How did you match that misdirection as a director? Did you intend to make the suspicion more in the characters’ heads, or to influence the viewers as well?
Hardwicke: That was the fun thing, to figure out how to create that paranoia in the way Valerie loked at people—in the lighting, almost in the shadows and trying to understand, Is there darkness, is there evil in this person? I think that’s something kind of interesting, now that people do often have an identity online, a whole different life in chat rooms and having affairs, and we don’t know what the perons sitting next to us is doing. I love that whole “secret identity” thing; I thought it would be an interesting thing to play out. One minute somebody looks normal, then the next they look different in the shadows and you feel like, Oh my God, I’m not seeing this person for who they really are.

Can you talk about the alternate ending?
Hardwicke: It’s maybe a little bit sexier and a little bit more of a twist. If I’d had my way, I would’ve had one ending in one theater, and one in another!

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