Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Catherine Hardwicke Includes New Ending on Red Riding Hood DVD

When filming Red Riding Hood Hardwicke admitted that although she puts her heart and soul into the moment of every scene, she does keep in mind what may show up on the DVD later. “As a director I try to stay in the moment,” she said. “But sometimes you do think about it like when something really crazy happens and you laugh at something or you’re just amused by something and you want to show people how something actually came to be. In the extras we included the scene where we had the dance numbers and as I was watching the DVD, I thought it was one of the more interesting things because it’s very raw looking and it shows how somebody was there with a stunt pad and another person there in a wolf costume that was bought online for $69 for a stand in.

“You see ways a director and a stunt coordinator start to line up shots and how to shoot the movie. So this DVD has interesting things I don’t think a lot people have seen before. As a director, it’s a great learning experience to watch how other directors work, too, so for film students I always say, ‘rent the DVD and watch the ‘Making Of.’”

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